Caring for Your Belgian Shoes

Belgian soft-soled casuals should be thoroughly worn in before applying corrugated rubber soles. Applying soles too soon will alter the fit of your shoes. Your shoes should be worn outdoors on city pavement in dry weather only.

Repairing Your Belgian Shoes

We provide a repair service for your Belgian Shoes. Please send us your shoes and note the areas, which need to be fixed. Prices are determined by the amount of repair work necessary for each shoe. We will notify you by mail of price and repair time.

For our soft-soled shoes we offer resoling. Base cost is $85 for both women’s and men’s shoes. Additional costs will be determined upon the condition of the shoes.

*Belgian Shoes Inc. is not responsible for sole applied by another repair service.

Mr. Casual and Midinette styles are the closest things to being barefoot.

Belgian Shoes are hand-cut, stitched and lasted for the utmost comfort.
The shoes are constructed inside out – then turned right side out for finishing.

The slipper-like ease is unsurpassed.

We recommend walking/standing in your new Belgians for approximately 20-30 hours (see an example of properly worn sole below) this allows for the felt lining to mold to your foot shape – creating the perfect fit.

3 Iron corrugated rubber sole (heel to toe)

If the rubber sole is adhered prematurely – the shoe will never mold properly to your foot.

Please stay away from rain or moisture during this initial process, excessive water damage will ruin the shoe.

A 3 Iron corrugated sole (see example) should then be placed from heel to toe. This will extend the life of the shoe (and can be replaced multiple times – as you wear it down) and protect from the elements.

3 Iron corrugated rubber sole (heel to toe)

You must add the rubber as you will quickly wear through the leather sole – and if the felt is exposed significantly – it will be deemed beyond repair.

The shoes can be sent to us for the rubber sole to be placed upon your Mr. Casual and
Midinette, or you can bring to a local reputable cobbler.

Henri, Lui as well as Juliette and Elle can have a rubber heel and sole (two separate  pieces) placed on the leather sole but it will alter the feel of the shoe, heel and toe taps can also be added.

Travelette and Traveler styles can have solid rubber sole added to extend the life of the shoe. If the actual rubber wedge is worn down it can not be replaced and is deemed irreparable.